Celebrating Easter at home

Celebrating Easter at Home

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Spring is on the way. And I, for one, am fully embracing it!  I’ve already had tulips and daffs on display in the house. And they’re now starting to pop up in the garden too. 

In fact, it’s the lovely pastel tulip shades that inspired my Easter range this year.  You may have noticed I’ve gone full pastel!

So if you’re looking to bring a touch of spring magic into your home and wondering how to celebrate Easter with the little ones, check out my 5 top tips below.

Say it with flowers

Spring flowers are an absolute joy, and they make fabulous decoration. A vase of flowers can instantly transform your room. But it can get expensive to keep refreshing them, so why not try paper flowers. The lovely Amanda at Bonnie Paper Blossoms makes the most amazing paper flowers.  You can keep them on display all year round or carefully wrap and store them after Easter, to use again next year.  Paper flowers also make excellent, long-lasting Mother’s day gifts.

Hang an Easter wreath and bring a smile to everyone arriving at your door

Because they’re not just for Christmas.  Better still, why not make an Easter wreath. I love this youtube tutorial from Julie Davies as it gives you the basic frame, and you can then add whatever you like to it.

Making a paper wreath for inside the house is a great activity to do with the kids.  This fab tutorial from Crayola is super simple and it’s a really good way to use up any unused paper plates or old bits of card.

Decorate the house

Well, here’s where I’m in my element!  I’ll take any excuse to decorate the house, much to my husband’s dismay.  But, even he raised a smile when he saw these fun honeycomb hanging Easter eggs.  And if you fix them together with paper clips instead of the sticky pads, you can fold them up after use, store them and use them again next year.

If your little ones are Peter Rabbit fans, they’ll love the carrot garland below.  They can even help to add the green bits to the carrots ready for it to take pride of place in the house.

If you’re holding an Easter tea party, gorgeous pastel tableware is a must, and these cute plates are the perfect size for a hot cross bun

All of the decor above is available from my Easter shop, just click here to go there.

Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

Who doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt! And the best bit is, you make the rules. If your kids want to run around searching for little signs of where the eggs are hidden that’s fine.  If you want to give them clues to solve, that’s fine too – whatever works best for your little ones. 

Personally, I love an outdoor Easter hunt, so if the weather’s kind why not get out there early in the morning to plant your eggs. Whichever way you’re doing your hunt, I suggest using some Easter hunt signs. It’ll help guide little ones in the right direction, but it also means you’ll remember where you’ve hidden the eggs.  And, importantly, it gives you an idea of the areas to check for any leftover eggs after the hunt. You can use the wooden signs below both outdoors and in plant pots indoors and they’re available from my Easter shop.

If you’re looking for ready-made Easter hunt clues, Giggly has some fantastic downloadables to choose from. Finally, don’t forget to leave some eggs for the Easter Bunny!

Any excuse for a gift

Now, I know Easter eggs and chocolate are the obvious choices here, but I think it’s also nice for little ones to get some non-chocolatey treats.  I always loved getting colouring books at Easter. And now you can get colour-in jigsaw puzzles. These eco-friendly Easter versions are sure to be a big hit. And if your kids love scratch art the mini eco-friendly scratch art sets will go down a treat. Both are available from my Easter shop.

But as with all celebrations, the most important thing is to have fun! Armed with these ideas to get your celebrations started, you’re sure to have that!

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