Easter Egg Hunt Tips

Easter Egg Hunt Top Tips

Is it me, or is Easter this year the most anticipated holiday ever?
It’s been a long slog through those winter months, hasn’t it? But the clocks have now changed. The days are already feeling longer, so the Easter holiday is actually at the perfect time this year. Because if you’re planning an Easter egg hunt for the little ones’ those extra hours of daylight will come in handy for setting up. And I hate to speak too soon, but the weather forecast’s actually looking ok for Easter at the moment. An outdoor Easter egg hunt is in our sights (unless it snows, of course!)
So it seems the perfect time to share my top 5 Easter egg hunt tips. They work for both outdoor and indoor hunts – are you ready?

Signpost your hunt

Help guide little ones in the right direction with signs. It also means you’ll remember where you’ve hidden the eggs. And importantly, it gives you an idea of the areas to check for any leftover eggs after the hunt. My signs were so popular they’re already out of stock, but I’m happy to order more in for you if you email me. You can also make your own signs using garden canes and cardboard. If you’re looking for clues to add to your hunt, look no further. Giggly has some fantastic downloadable ready-made Easter hunt clues to choose from.

Hide enough eggs

Sounds obvious doesn’t it, but if you’ve got lots of children joining in, you need to be sure you’ve hidden enough eggs for everyone to find. Let the children know how many eggs each they’re looking for. Tell them it’s one egg each at each location, and if you can colour code your eggs or treats even better. That way, you can let each child know the colour they’re looking for. And you’ll know when everyone’s found all their eggs too.

Remember a basket!

It’s easy to get carried away buying the treats and hiding them and forget all about the fact that the little ones need something to collect them in. But it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Any receptacle will do! Why not reuse a treat bucket from Halloween or buy Easter buckets that you can store and reuse each year. Oh, and remember to also use a little bowl or basket to put the eggs in, at each location, to keep them safe.  

Add in some non-chocolate treats

Unless you want your children high on sugar well into the month of May, it’s a good idea to add in some non-chocolate treats along the way. I’ve dropped some inspiration for you below. 

Don’t forget the Easter bunny!

After all that hard work, you deserve to leave yourself a little treat.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the sun is shining!

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