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My Top 10 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

So, I have to admit, until a few years ago, I literally had no idea who the Elf on the Shelf was or what he did! So I certainly didn’t know there was a need for Elf on the Shelf ideas.

But then my sister called me and said, the kids have found out about the Elf on the Shelf at school, and now I’ve got to get one.  So she got one but just moved him around a few times, and to be fair, the kids seemed pretty happy with that as they were only little.

But they’re a little older now, so she really needs to up the ante!

But how did I come up with these Elf on the Shelf ideas?

Because I’m a big kid myself (my husband and I literally spend our time hiding things from each other and then putting them on display in silly places which is quite literally an adult elf on the shelf), this was right up my street!

So I had a brainstorming session with myself, and here are my favourite Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Elf in the Letterbox

This one is great for the kids to find just before they leave the house for school.  Place the elf through the letterbox from the inside of the house as though he was trying to escape, and got stuck.

Elf Where’s Wally?

Ever seen the episode of Miranda where Miranda and Stevie play human Where’s Wally? Well, this is similar.  Dress your little one’s toys all in red – I’m not talking special dolls clothes, it could be a red scarf, a tea towel just as long as they all look red.  Place the elf in the middle and see if your little ones spot him.

Elf plays Minecraft

If your little one’s are anything like my nieces and nephews, they probably love Minecraft.  So why not make a paper cube that will fit over your little elf’s head and either colour it in or print out a template in the creeper style. Complete with a face on the front, and attach it to your paper cube.  Pop a game controller in the elf’s hands, and you’re done.

Elf on the Gearstick

This one’s great if you drive your kids to school or if you’re heading out at the weekend.  Put your elf over the gearstick for the kids to find in the car.

Elf Scaling the Window

I love this one.  Imagine your little one coming down to breakfast and seeing the little guy trying to scale the heights of the kitchen window.  Suction pads are needed.

Elf in the Hoover

I should start by saying make sure you empty the cylinder before you attempt this one. And you need a cylinder that is see-through.  Then pop your little elf inside and leave the hoover somewhere the kids are sure to see it. Oh, and don’t forget to take him out before you hoover again!

Elf Yoga

With yoga being so popular in schools these days, this one is very on-trend.  Show just how flexible your elf is by putting him in one of the tough-to-do positions.

Elf in a Spider’s Web

If you’ve got a spider’s web leftover from Halloween, attach your elf to it and perhaps a spider too for good measure.

Elf in the Dolls House

My niece absolutely loves her dolls house so I’m sure she’d notice little elf in there!  But he needs to be doing something funny – maybe he’s on the toilet, in the bath, or doing some weight lifting.  To make the weights you just need a paper straw with a marshmallow on each end.

Giant Elf

Make a giant elf by using two rolls of wrapping paper.  Slot one elf leg in one roll of wrapping paper and one in the other and pop some slippers on the wrapping paper rolls at the other end. Stand it against a wall, and there you have it, a giant elf!

I hope that’s given you some elf inspiration.  And if you do try any of these, please send me some photos. I’d love to see them!

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