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How to plan an Encanto birthday party

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Encanto burst onto the big screen in late 2021 when its colour and magic were very much in need. And it’s proved a popular film with both children and adults alike. So I’m not surprised it’s a party theme I’m frequently asked to provide party supplies for. Sadly, the licensed items on the market are limited to foil balloons at the moment, so how do you plan an Encanto birthday party? It certainly doesn’t mean you have to give up on your idea. It’s an opportunity to get creative. Here are my top tips to help you plan a magical Encanto birthday party for your little one.

Where to start?

I’ve already mentioned the colour in this magical film, so it’s the perfect place to start. And as always, I recommend starting with your party table as your centerpiece. Colourful tableware, paper flowers, butterflies, and pom-pom garlands are a must. And can be reused at parties in the future. Add in an Encanto foil balloon featuring Mirabel alongside some balloons using the signature colours of purple, pink, and yellow. And you’re well on your way to creating the Encanto vibe. You can even buy Encanto stickers to add to your tableware.

Below are some of the items my customers are currently buying from me. And the best bit is I can provide all that you see below and more (all items are available on request by emailing me).

Toys are great to add to your party table. These mini-figures of members of the Madrigal family from Argos are perfect. And you can also use them to decorate your cake. A cake finished with fondant icing in your signature colours, plus some mini-figures and a Happy Birthday topper with butterflies is sure to be a hit.

Party games and activities

Pass the parcel is a firm favourite at kids’ parties. But why not mix it up a bit and add a magical touch. When the music stops, get the little one to reveal what their superpower would be as they unwrap a layer. Be sure to wrap the parcels in your signature colours and make the little gifts colourful.

How about pin the tail on the donkey with a difference – pin the butterfly on Mirabel. Find a colouring book with a picture of Mirabel, use one of your paper butterflies, decide on the spot for the butterfly and see who can get closest to it when blindfolded. You can even get your little ones to colour the picture in preparation for the party. Or better still, get all the children involved in colouring at the party.

If you’re looking for an activity, getting the little ones to make paper flowers and butterflies they can take home with them is a lovely idea. Or make some flowers in advance of your party and get your guests to decorate them. There are lots of tutorials online, here are just a few I’ve found.

Easy paper flower tutorial

Easy paper butterfly tutorial

And you can’t go wrong with a pinata. How about a beautiful butterfly full of goodies.

Create some atmosphere with music

If you haven’t had the song “We don’t talk about Bruno” stuck in your head for the last few months, where have you been?! Along with the rest of the soundtrack from the film, mixed in with some of your little ones’ other favourite tunes, you’ll get the party started.

Leave a lasting impression!

Matching your party bags to your party table brings everything together. And this is your last chance to make an impression with your little guests, so adding hints of your theme is a great way to create that lasting memory.
I’m thinking of paper party bags in your signature colours, with paper butterflies to decorate the front. Wooden, colourful bracelets, pretty hair bands, and Encanto stickers. Oh, and be sure to add a piece of your Encanto birthday cake.

You’re now well on your way to creating your Encanto birthday party, and I’m sure you’ll come up with many more ideas to add to this magical theme.

To discuss tableware, decorations, and party bags for your Encanto party, drop me a line, I’d love to help out!

And for more top party tips, sign up for my free kid’s party planning guide just click here.

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