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Is the thought of party bags stressing you out?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Because planning a party for your little one is a stressful thing. There’s a list of jobs as long as your arm and organising the party bags is pretty much a full-time project in itself!

And there’s so much pressure these days to make them exciting. It’s your last chance to make a great impression on your guests. And you want the little ones to go home with smiles on their faces. You want them to be excited and pleased with what they find in those special goody bags. Especially as you’ll spend a decent chunk of your party budget (in other words, your hard-earned cash) on them.

So you don’t want to just chuck any old thing in them. And let’s be honest, most kids don’t need any more plastic toys than they already have, so you want to try and avoid those for the sake of their parents and the environment too.

But don’t panic. Help is at hand!

Check out my top 5 party bag tips below.

Quench their thirst with something exciting
In my experience, little ones want to open that bag and see something that will give them initial excitement. And that doesn’t just have to be sweets or plastic toys. How about a cute handmade hair clip from a small local biz. Or a bead bracelet with their name on it. A few years ago for my nephew’s party, we got some cheap but fun-shaped sunglasses which went down well. And the beauty of all of those is the kids can use them again.

And then follow up with something even longer lasting
It’s unlikely little ones will get excited about a seed kit if it’s the only thing in their bag but it’s a great item to include in addition to those excitement quenching items, as it’s a longer-lasting gift. It’s an activity they can get stuck into at the weekend, so you’re helping their parents out too. Seed tube is a fantastic small biz selling mini seed kits. They have a range aimed at children, and the tubes fit perfectly in an average-sized party bag. And who knows, it may set them on a journey to become the next Monty Don! Or at the very least, learn more about the environment and how things grow.

Mini craft kits also work well. Crafty Party Box sells awesome mini craft kit favours all packaged up in individual bags, so they’re ready to go! And they can theme and personalise them too.

And never underestimate children’s love of colouring.

Kids love to see their names written on things. I guarantee they will spot their party bag a mile off! But personalising the bags serves a practical purpose too. If you name your bags, you can tailor the goods inside for each child (this is particularly good if you have a mix of boys and girls). You’ll also know who you’ve given the bags out to and who hasn’t got one yet. We’ve often had to deliver a party bag to someone who left early without taking their bag.

It’s also nice to make up bags for any little ones who couldn’t make the party on the day. So many children miss parties due to falling ill just before the big day, so cheer them up with a party bag, and they won’t feel like they’ve missed out on all the fun.

And don’t forget to make up special party bags for your little ones too!

Have your cake and eat it!
Cutting up the cake after the candles have been blown up and getting all the pieces of cake into party bags can feel like a sprint to the finish line! So why not use cupcakes in little individual cardboard boxes instead. You can then fill the bags with the cakes in advance, leaving you more time to enjoy the party. And it’s something extra for the little ones to open in their bag. It also means you and your family can eat the party cake yourselves!
Remember to consider if any little ones have allergies and include something they can eat in their bag.

And after all that, if the thought of organising party bags still gives you cold shivers…
My pre-filled eco party bags are perfect and take all the hassle out of buying all the individual items. I can personalise them for you too.

And if that option doesn’t float your boat, how about personalised sweet cones.

Whatever you decide, if you’ve given it some thought and tried your best, I’m sure the little ones will love them. Because who doesn’t love a party bag!

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