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Why planning your party logistics is important

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I’m on a mission to make your life easier! Because party planning is stressful. But it doesn’t start and end at the decorations and the cake.

Don’t get me wrong, those things are super important. But one thing that often gets overlooked is the logistics of running the party. Because that’s not viewed as quite as exciting. Well, I have to disagree with myself there because I actually love that bit! But I was an event logistics manager for years. For most, it’s not as exciting.

Here’s why those “boring” logistics are important 

You don’t name your party bags. At the end of the party, some kids spy them in the corner, come rushing over and start taking them. A parent collars you for a chat before they leave, and when you look back there are just a few bags left, and you’ve no idea who’s got a bag and who hasn’t! Sound vaguely familiar?

That’s why I always recommend naming your bags.

Unicorn stickers

And here’s the detail

The first reason is you will know that you’ve actually prepared a party bag for everybody coming and that you’ve not left anyone out. And it’s always important to prepare a few spares just in case someone turns up that you’re not expecting.

But also it means when it comes to the end of the party, that busy bit where there are people coming and going, and everyone is trying to say goodbye to you, you know who you’ve given a bag out to and who you haven’t because the ones that you’ve got left are the ones that you haven’t given a bag out too. So for me, that’s a really, really important tip and will really save you stressing out. 

The second reason is that you can then tailor the bits and bobs you add into the party bag, for instance, if you’re putting cakes in and there’s a child that’s got an allergy and they need something different to the others, you can make sure that what you put in their bag and what they get given is what’s suitable for them.

And the last reason is really just my love of fun and being a great big kid. Because kids love seeing their names on stuff. They’ll see a bag with their name on it and be all, “that’s my bag over there!”, particularly if they’re at the stage where they’re just starting to recognise their names. I think that is lovely to see!

Never underestimate the importance of party planning!

Planning your party well will not only save you from stressing out but it’ll add that extra bit of joy for your little guests too!

Oh, and did I mention my party bags come complete with name stickers!

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