Peter Rabbit – Easter and Birthday Celebrations

It’s official. Easter is my favourite time of year! I love the spring vibes, the colours, daffodils, and, of course, the Easter eggs!

And I’ve always loved celebrating Easter weekend. I find it even more fun than Christmas because the days are brighter and longer, and there’s so much hope in the air.

I also love laying up the Easter table. And this year I’m combining my love of Easter with my love of Peter Rabbit!

Peter Rabbit works fantastically as an Easter theme, and it’s a great theme for children’s birthday parties too. But Peter Rabbit themed tableware can be hard to get hold of and a little above what I’d normally spend so, I decided to create my own unique theme. It works well for both adults and children, and it looks beautiful too.

Whether you’re holding an Easter celebration or a kids party, here are my top tips for celebrating with Peter Rabbit in style!

Tableware and decorations
I start with this gorgeous nature-inspired tableware (available from my shop by request). The garden colours are soft and relaxing, and they set the perfect scene for Peter.

I then add some Peter Rabbit postcards. You can add one to each place setting and then others around the table or wherever you think they look good. I got mine years ago ago but if you don’t have postcards or pictures why not use your little ones books as a table centrepiece. And you can always add some mini Peter Rabbit toys or Cadbury’s Peter Rabbit chocolate bunny figures for good measure.

Cute little milk bottles with paper straws really add to the theme. Why not sit a little bunny napkin next to them. I’ve made a video tutorial showing you how to make them – check it out here!

And what about this fantastic carrot garland (available from my shop by request). It’s gorgeous, and you can use it each year at Easter so, you get great value for money.

And your theming wouldn’t be complete without some Peter Rabbit inspired food. How about vegetable sticks straight from “Mr. McGregor’s garden”. A traditional afternoon tea with mini sandwiches, and cupcakes with buttercream icing. Marshmallows as “bunny tails”, chocolate-covered raisins as “rabbit droppings”, and popcorn as “Mr. McGregor’s corn”. Use mini terracotta pots planted up to add to your decoration or use empty pots to serve items like your rabbit droppings in. Oh and you could also put cotton wool balls in a pot and stick two bunny feet made of card on the outside rim, to make it look like a bunny is peeking in with their bottom sticking out! And, if you’re celebrating Easter, add some mini eggs to the pots too.

In fact, why not wrap some mini chocolate eggs and sweets up in these Peter Rabbit sweet bags. They won’t break the budget, and the kids will love them! If it’s a party, they’re the ideal party favour.

You can also add bunny balloons – keep your eyes on my social media over the next few weeks as I’ll be sharing a tutorial to help you make them.
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Having fun
Add in some party games. Pin the tail on the rabbit is a fab take on a classic. Use a rabbit cut-out and cotton wool as the tail along with a sleep mask as a blind fold. A carrot hunt in the house or the garden is great fun. Hide some carrots made out of cardboard and the person who collects the most carrots is the winner. And how about a bunny hop race in the garden. Decorate a garden cane with a blue jacket to show the finish line!

Finally, complete your party table with a grass runner, an ornamental watering can, and you’ve got cracked it!

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