Unicorn Party Ideas – Creating a Magical Theme

It’s time to share my ideas for another party theme, and this time, the theme is unicorns because it was voted the most popular theme in my recent Instagram poll, and I must admit I wasn’t surprised. I get asked for unicorn party supplies a lot! So here are my top unicorn party ideas for creating a magical unicorn theme. 

Build your theme

You know I love a statement piece that you can build your theme around. And with unicorns, it has to be the unicorn horn. You can then add to your theme using your little ones’ favourite colours and rainbows. Pastel or bold, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s what your little one likes. The picture below shows a table that says unicorn theme to me, and there’s not actually a unicorn in sight! So, just imagine that with some unicorn horn decorations added. By using plain colours and rainbows, you keep the decor simple without overdoing the theme. You can also pick up details like the stars on the cups in your other party decorations, as stars make a great party box staple you can bring out year after year (the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the stars below were also featured in my space theme a few weeks back). Add a unicorn piñata because that will double as a decoration and a game to play too. 

But what can you use as unicorn horn decorations?

Your decoration doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Party hats in the shape of unicorn horns will do the job for your party table. And cupcakes with icing and a marshmallow as a unicorn horn on top are simple but so effective. 

Your party bags can also double as decor. I’m thinking simple unicorn faces drawn on paper party bags matching your theme colours, all laid out on a table. And you can even add horns to your party bag contents. My niece loves unicorns, and she also loves flumps. At just 29p each they’re a really cost-effective, themed and individually wrapped party bag filler.  

Keeping the little ones entertained

Theming your party games will make sure they’re fun and just a little bit different, but not too different, to the games normally played at parties. How about a game of unicorn horn toss? Stick some of your leftover unicorn horn party hats onto some spare party plates and write scores on each of the plates, say 3 plates at the front with 5, the next 2 back with 10, and the furthest one away with 25. Add some hoops and prizes, and you’re done. 

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn is another take on a classic party game. Get yourself a unicorn poster, draw and cut out enough unicorn horns so you have one for each child, add some blu-tac to the back of each one, and that’s another game sorted. 

And finally, there’s my unicorn colour-in tablecovers. They’re great for covering tables at your party and letting kids decorate them. You can also use the mini print-yourself versions as table mats or put them in your party bags. And because they’re downloadable, you buy one and then print the rest yourself at home. That means they’re budget and planet friendly. Add some colouring pencils, and you’ve got an activity, and you’re halfway to filling your party bags too.

Don’t forget your trusty party decorations box

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the stock items I suggest you have in your party box, here’s a little reminder of them.

  • ‘Happy Birthday’ banners in neutral colours – silver and gold work well
  • Multicoloured paper bunting
  • Honeycomb decorations in a range of colours

    So there you have it, a unique, cost-effective unicorn theme.

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