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What makes a good kid’s party?

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Back when Party Box by Design was just an idea, I was sitting at my nephew’s birthday party next to my Dad chatting. We’d literally just finished putting the decorations up before people started arriving. The weather was horrendous that day. We had to dry everything off that we took into the hall where we were holding the party, so it took much longer than we were expecting to set up.

But as we were sitting back looking proudly at our hard work, my Dad said to me, “of course, no one actually cares about any of these decorations!”
We then both laughed as he remembered what my business idea was. Yep, supplying party decorations!

But it really made me think. Cos he’s not wrong. He’s a wise man, my Dad.

So what does make a good kid’s party?

At the heart of every birthday party are the little ones. And we should never forget that. It’s easy to get wrapped up worrying about what things look like, whether they’re Instagram-worthy, whether we’ve done enough to impress the other parents, but none of that matters. What matters is the fun the kids have celebrating.

Now don’t get me wrong, decorations are important.

I wouldn’t be selling them if they weren’t. They set a scene, a scene of celebration, and they help to make those all-important memories. But they shouldn’t be the first thing you think about when planning your party. 

Work out what your party structure is first. What will the children actually be doing – you know, the bit where they have fun, and plan your decorations around that. It’ll save you heaps of time and money. But it’ll also mean you’ll have decorations in the right place to create those all-important photo memory moments, like the cutting of the birthday cake. 

what-makes-a good-kids-party

That’s why I created my party boxes. Because you can add as little or as much as you want to them. And decorating your party table is a great place to start. It provides that wow first impression. Kids instantly know they’re at a party, but it serves a practical purpose too and doesn’t cost a fortune. And if you’re clever with the decorations you use around the table, you can reuse them for years to come. 

Because decorations, balloons, the birthday cake, and party bags all add to a party. But the main ingredient should always be fun!

Don’t you agree?

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